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SI Technologies

SI Technologies is an ICT innovative solution & service provider offering professional consultancy & implementation services in the following areas:
  • Web Development, Implementation and Management
  • Marketing & E-Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
Our Strength is digital business & online networks marketing and management.
At the beginning of 2014 we implemented ConnectArabs the only online intelligent multilingual Arab innovation, Scientific, industrial and entrepreneurship social network www.connectarabs.com

ConnectArabs www.connectarabs.com

Is the Arab innovation, scientific, industrial & entrepreneurship social network
The main objective of ConnectArabs is to facilitate contributions to the world welfare through benefiting of the Arab wealth i.e intellectual resources represented by the global Arab researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, innovative / talented people, in additional to financial capabilities.

ConnectArabs is bilingual intelligent, comprehensive, integrated online social network for exposing Arab talents & innovations, and for linking
scientific researchers / specialized experts with industry development, and also for connecting entrepreneurs / start-ups, talented people with investors, funding / granting bodies, incubators and sponsors.

The above is achieved through using the growing trend of social networks as a fast and easy communication way to connect, network and globally gather the Arab outstanding wealth under one umbrella.

ConnectArabs had been implemented to satisfy the great growing Arab needs to:
- Gather, classify and expose the Arab ideas, graduation projects, researches, inventions, innovations and success stories.
- Build information and database about the global Arab researchers, inventors, innovators and talented people.
- Offer entrepreneurs, start-ups and talented people the online chance for match-making and direct communication with investors, funding / granting bodies, incubators and sponsors
- Offer investors, funding / granting bodies, incubators, sponsors and corporate whom are contributing to the community through CSR or running competitions, the chance to auto-receive plenty of projects, innovations, researches, ideas and talents according to their pre-defined interest to evaluate and choose from.
- Bridge the gap and link industry with academia
- Offer industry the chance to find the specialized researchers / experts to develop their products and solve problems
- Offer collaboration opportunities between Arab universities, research centers and researchers
- Offer online opportunity to the Arabs globally to communicate with innovators and talented people and to interact with their novelties
- Have very useful analysis, statistics, anonymous information and indications of the valuable network content, which will be very much
needed and helpful for the strategic planning of the Arab governments, organizations and public / private sectors

Events Design, Implementation & Management

We have professional, skilled and experienced team to plan, design, market, implement and manage high standard specialized events i.e conferences, exhibitions, forums, workshops, etc....
We understand, study and digest the event objectives, then we create innovative ideas and activities to achieve them

The following are references of implemented events:

Conference & Exhibition to promote technology solutions and services to the financial sectors i.e banking, investment, insurance, etc...
Conference & Exhibition to promote technology solution and services to the manufacturing companies and industrial organization
Conference & Exhibition to promote technology solution and services to Oil&Gas sector and the Petrochemical Industries.
Finance & Investment Forum "FIF"
A forum to gather SME's with financers and entrepreneurs with investors.

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